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Product name: The SCG protein purification system

Release date: 2017-8-4 14:59:25

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  • Main featuresof the SCG protein purification system include:


    ·  The key components of the system arejointly developed, and produced by industrial well-known highly-respected manufacturersin the United States and Europe, which establishes a foundation for topquality, superior performance and high reliability;

    ·  All parts in contact with samples are madeof bio-inert materials such as peek, sapphire, ruby,etc., makes the system compatible with protein and other biological samples, and is resistantto strong acid, alkali, high salt etc.

    ·  The system has good stability and excellentinfusion precision at low temperature and low pressure.

    ·  The US imported fluid delivery systemcontains two dual piston binary gradient pump, providing high accuracy andprecision liquid delivery.  It isequipped with automatic self-cleaning function to avoid damaging and polluting the pumphead from salt and other substances precipitation.

    ·  The UV detector is an imported DAD detectorenabling the simultaneous monitor of multiple wavelength signals, as well asfull arrange scanning. and make real-time monitor the purity of separationcomponents easily.

    ·  The system also provides real-timemonitoring of pH/ conductivity. An on-line measure of temperatures compensatefor pH and conductivity as required to achieve more accurate monitoring.

    ·  The new fractioncollector which accommodates a wide variety of collecting tubes/containers to facilitatecollecting the target fractions.

    ·  All valves (such as Auto-sampleinjecting valve,  Column selectingvalves, sample collecting valve, Multi-buffer selecting valve, column valve,etc.) are customized for our need by the international well-known manufacturers.The users can choose the appropriate valve according to their experiments.

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