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Product name: Relianx Separation and Purification System

Release date: 2017-8-4 14:58:21

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  • Characteristicsof Reliant Separation and Purification System:

    l       Itis convenient for infusion system maintenance through the design of thepreposed pump head.

    l       Pumpbody adopts double plunger rod structure reducing the impulse effectively.

    l       Doublepumps design effectively improves the accuracy of gradient change.

    l       Thereis a control panel in front of the pump leading to manual control directly.

    l       Variousmodels of high sensitivity detectors can be selected.

    l       Collectionvalve or automatic fractions collector can be selected. Supporting differentcollection ways. It is convenient to purify and collect the target fraction.

    l       Humanizedsoftware design can modify the gradient, flow rate, etc. online.

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