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Product name: Automatic Chromatography System

Release date: 2017-8-4 14:57:16

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    Imported components,quality assurance

    l       Key components of the system are selected from importedpremium brands, reliable in performance.

    l       Instrumentations and pipes are traceability, material of 316L,Ra˜0.4 µm.

    l       The materials, which contact with feed liquid materials, complywith FDA or USP Class VI standards.

    Completedfunctions,easy to operation

    l       Automaticediting method is simple. The software upgrades is free.

    l       Thesystem uses electronic signature, electronic records, and all originalproduction records can be traced back.

    Reasonabledesign, compact configuration

    l       Multi-channelcombination valve: smaller dead volume, lower back pressure.

    l       In-sitecleaning CIP and disinfection SIP can guarantee the sterile work.

    l       Conformingto the requirements of cGMP, manufacturing according to ASME BPE standard.


    l       Connectionsystem according to the flow rate or by conductance, on-line dilution function.

    l       Threedivisions: time, volume and column volume.

    l       Onlinecalibration conductivity and pH, generating a detailed PDF calibration record.

    l       Alarge number of practical functions: timing, quantitative, pressure flowpattern, etc.

    l       Bubbletrap: automatic cleaning, automatic emptying.

    l       Holdingduring power off.

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