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Product name: Manual chromatography system

Release date: 2017-8-4 14:56:05

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    • Thesystem uses four-element diaphragm pumps technology, pulse suppression, so thatthe flow rate is more stable and the shear force is lower

    l       High-precisionflow control.

    l       Whenthe sensor detects any system error, the system can be paused by a set alarmcondition.

    l       Inaddition to the standard specifications, the system can be designed to meetcustomer requirements.


    l       Thesystem has various security functions.

    l       Recordingall the operation and operation process from login to exit.

    l       Userscan set the required operating authority, to prevent security problems causedby illegal operations.

    l       Electronicrecords, electronic signatures, to ensure the reliability and safety of data.

    Completeregulatory requirements validation document

    l       Systemverification using V model of GAMP5.

    l       Toprovide users with FAT / IQ / OQ and other verification files.

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