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Product name: Low pressure chromatography column (ID:6.6-50mm) in FPLC

Release date: 2017-8-4 14:54:47

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  • Any product has the following characteristics: liquid phase design:

    Thecolumns are made of borosilicate glass and are equipped with 25 micron (PTEF orPE) filters for a wide range of applications; solvent tolerance:

    The useronly needs to replace the PE filter, using the PTFE filter can make the entireliquid contact part of the PTFE channel, which is ideal for organic solventapplications; Convenientconnection of column tube:

    Allcolumns are equipped with one set of connectors (two 1/4 "-28 UNF mountingfittings and washers) for connecting the ends of the column and the piping. Wealso provide M6 fittings to facilitate access to other M6 threaded fittings inthe system. replacement parts:

    We offerreplaceable glass tube, tube end and all kinds of filter and O-ring. We alsocan supply filter replacement device, pipeline and fittings etc.

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