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Product name: Automatic chromatography column (ID:300-800mm)

Release date: 2017-8-4 14:50:23

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    l       Innovativedesign, intuitive, efficient and economical.

    l       Installation,filling, unloading and maintenance are simple and convenient.

    l       Easyto obtain accurate, high repeatability of columns.

    l       Pioneeringdesign of three-column valve makes packing column uniformly and unloadingcolumn quickly.

    l       Keyparts are imported brands, reliable and durable.

    l       Theparts of contact with the liquid are in accordance with VI USP or FDA

    Chromatography column

    l       Thecolumn diameter is linearly scaled from 50 mm to 800 mm and can be enlarged upto 1600 mm in the future.

    l       Twocolumn pressures, 3 bar and 6 bar, which can meet almost all low-pressurepacking.

    l       Allmaterials which are in contact with the material liquid are biocompatiblematerials, and all material certifications can be provided.

    l       Allconnections are hygienic T-piece clamps.

    l       Morethan 300 mm column sealed with imported gas seal which makes the operation moreconvenient.

    l       Pistondistribution system and the export of diversion slot structure using hygienicdesign ensure sealing and complete cleaning, no dead ends, and have aself-drain function.

    Column valve

    l       Morethan 300 mm column using a special column valve packing. Filler can quicklyenter the column or spin off valve through the lower part of the cylinder,which greatly improves the convenience of the above 300 mm column loading andunloading column.

    l       Sanitarydesign makes the entire assembly valve pipe washed without cleaning dead endsafter the completion of packing, there will be no residue in the packing columnvalve.

    l       Uniquethree-column valve design, makes the formation of a very uniform packing columnto ensure the column efficiency, demolition of columns more quickly.

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