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Product name: Affinity chromatography packing

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  • · High Mab binding capacity.

    · Lowest Protein A leakage.

    · Good caustic stability.

    · Excellent protease stability.

    · High lot-to-lot reproducibility.

    · Ideal High protein recovery with intact biological activity.

    High Dynamic BindingCapacity

    Figure 1 showsMabPurix has similar dynamic binding capacity to that of MabSelect SuRe

    Figure 1. Experimental details: DBC was determined for human polyclonalIgG at 2% breakthrough. Residence times ranging from 0.5 to 6 minutes. A 5 x 50mm Mabpurix column was loaded with a 2 mg/mL hIgG solution in PBS pH 7.4

    Good caustic stability

    MabPurix may becleaned and sanitized with a weak NaOH solution resulting in a moderatedecrease in resin capacity over extended exposure times.

    As shownin figure 2: A 5 x 50 mm column was loaded with a 2 mg/ml hIgG solution in PBSpH 7.4. The loading residence time was 3 minutes. Capacity was determined andreported at 2% breakthrough. An exposure time of 25 hours represents 100 x 15minute CIP cycles in 0.1 N NaOH.

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