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Application Case

Application Case

Application Case

Case1:Purification of a protein


Buffer:Buffer A: 50 mm Tris, pH 7.3

       Buffer B: A+1 M NaCl

Determinewavelength: 202 nm.

Flow rate: 5 mL/min.

Target protein:The second peak.

Case2:Desalination of a biologicalmacromolecule


Buffer:Pure water

Determinewavelength: 254 nm.

Flowrate: 30 mL/min.

Targetprotein: The sixth peak to the tenth peak.

Case3:Purification of a biologicalmacromolecule


Buffer:Buffer A: 50 mm Tris, pH 7.3.

       Buffer B: A+1 M NaCl.

Determinewavelength: 280 nm,260nm.

Flowrate: 10 mL/min.

Targetprotein: The sixteenth peak to the eighteenth peak.

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